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Proper Rank Application Empty Proper Rank Application

Post  Yanniclord Wed 1 May - 14:09:28

I have seen many applications on many Servers that where honestly just shit. Sorry.

Here is my Application that got me promoted on 2 of 3 Servers.


Hi everyone, its your helping friend Yanniclord here. To Start i am 16 Years Old, Live in Norway but i am German, Speak Fluently English, German and Norwegian. I am conscious about that i sometimes i write not after the Vocabulary. But i hope that is something what doesnt matter so much. So i have been here long enough to understand and see how important some things are. Also i understand the Staff here. As you know i have been very active since my first day on this Server. And also under maintaining and Server issues i have been here. I have been playing on this Server for allmost 3 Month now. And important i have been playing Minecraft since 1.0.0 and the Beta Release. I am familiar with ALL Recipes of Minecraft.

So by being a Member it tears down on me because i cant help people with their problems like with Region and Griefing problems. I feel i can do so much more as an Moderator on this Server. I also love to help New Beginners getting a home and a lot of Food and Armor. Some of you may have been noticing it. I love to help anyone when im there. I just dont want to apply as Moderator because i want to help i also want to make playing with others Fair. Griefers and XRAY´ers brought to justice. Make it Fair when people are fighting for an area or other things like a small Chat fight.

As some of you Noticed i also love to give away Food. And Armor and Tools for needed people. I havent been like any other Moderator or GM (now) been rebuilding Areas that where Griefed but i have helped some Moderators/GM´s doing there job. Some of them didnt like it and i am clear about that. But then as an Moderator i can help without annoying other Moderators/GM´s. Thats just how i am. Willing to help at anytime. But back to point i did it to help all of you guys. Helped with everything i can. Finding Griefers and helped people Rebuilding their House when they didnt found those Griefers.

I am very familiar with allmost any Command and of Course Rules of the Server. I am also very Friendly even when it comes to a Fight. I understand that it is alot of work being a Moderator with Fixing Griefs, Protecting Homes and Welcoming and Promoting new users at the Server and Forums. But i want to take that responsibility and prove that i am a worthy Moderator.

I will be Online as Often i can even if i am sitting in front of the Screen at night just like now when im writing this application. I will take the challenge being a Moderator, take everything it brings with it and do my best to make everyone happy. I hope you do the right decision if i am going to be your next new Moderator or not. I respect everyones decision. Even if you dont Vote Yes for me. Thank you for Reading my Application as Moderator.

:Your Yanniclord:


That is a Proper Application. Please write a Good one to.

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