James9999a's moderator application

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James9999a's moderator application

Post  demjames on Wed 12 Feb - 19:28:23

Hey. My name is James McLeod and I am 16 years old. I live in the south of England with my family. Some of our older members may remember me from about a year ago, when i was a newbie to DNS and modding. I am applying to be moderator because I love helping people. I have been playing Minecraft since my friends introduced me to it way back in 1.2.5. On many servers I have experienced the annoyance of griefers and raiders and have relied on Admins and moderators to deal with it. I want to reverse that and be able to deal with situations like this myself. i also want to help people who have experienced this on the DNSFlowers server.

My current position on the DNSFlowers server is Veteran. This means I have been with this server for a while(since it was named apple flowers). I have helped many newbies during this time. I have even helped a few people learn Minecraft for the first time. Usually once i get antiquated with a server i start giving away my excess items to people who need it.

My past experiences at being a moderator have both been on servers that have long since shut down. They were both back in Tekkit 1.2.5 when Minecraft was simple(maybe because of equivalent exchange two). They have been(mostly) faultless. My only fault was about 14 months ago when a donater(about £250) accused me of banning him. This unfortunately led to me being demoted. During this time I have familiarised myself with many common plugins.

I am usually online daily unless i have homework to do or there is a family event which I'm attending. I usually help people through the chat when I'm online. I will try my best to be the best moderator I can be and resolve any problems the people of DNSFlowers may have.

Thanks for reading

James McLeod (james9999a)


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test mod - pumpkion

Post  pumpkion on Thu 13 Feb - 0:31:22

i believe you seem very truthful about what you have said, you have given your points and past ranks and why you did get demoded.

i support your app, see how you go tho the test-mod part
but dont take this lightly you wont get to play DNS as much as you once did people will ask about everything and anything so make sure you know what your getting into before you go head first Smile


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Re: James9999a's moderator application

Post  Yanniclord on Fri 14 Feb - 12:33:06

Request Accepted. Your Test-Mod phase will start once you come on when im on to.

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Re: James9999a's moderator application

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